The HEADACHE is getting worse today?

The HEADACHE is getting worse today.  Reason works for Any Head.  Use the right eyeglasses is not the only solution.!  Why do you get the real headache.?

Migraine Headaches 

Migraine Headaches are powerful enough to the trigger suicide..  Once it starts, it will be Haunted for a few days.  The head falls on the right&left side.  For small sounds, light is affected.

This causes nausea & vomiting.  It is advisable to consult a Doctor before the pain worsens.  Tensions &workload  can also causes headache.. But it won't last long.  To avoid that headache for a few minutes, go to nearby store & take a tablet. 

If not, consult  doctor.  Sinus headache causes pain in the back of nose, forehead {under the eyes}), and bones in the lower part of the eye.  In addition, pain in the lower ABdomen, gnashing of the upper teeth when biting, & the smell at the time.  

When the noise of the clap, erupts, the thunderbolt headache suddenly disappears into the painful headache.  This can lead to Paralysis, BLeeding in the brain, Rupture of the blood vessels, infection in the Brain, & blockage of the blood flow in the brain.

Cluster HEadache usually appears in the Back of the eyes.  Redness, swelling, sweating&conjunctivitis of eyes when pain is present.  Water runs from the Nose &eyes.  In some people it appears four times a day.  It is More common in MEn than in women.

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