Do this if your skin is darkened

Do this if your skin is darkened

Some people have darkened skin in different parts of the body.  This is especially evident in areas where sunny temperatures are most important. 

If you go into the sun the skin will burn.  Sun touches the blackened area.  Some people may have scars on the skin.  These type of problems are called pigmentation problems.

Due to hormonal Imbalance, thyroid dysfunction, & long-lasting use of certain types of pigmentation, these pigmentation problems are more frequent for those who regularly color their hair.  

They are more likely to be caused by the sun's ultraviolet light.  It is better to take precautionary measures than to take appropriate measures after these problems occur.  Identifying these problems early on will help solve the problem.


1. Drink plenty of fresh water.  Drink fresh fruit juices and buttermilk.

2. Eat more of black grapes,pomegranate fruits & watermelon

3. Apply sun cream lotion to your face 30 minutes before exiting.

4. Add a little honey to the black grape mask and bring it to your face for 20 minutes before bathing.

 5. Mix a little carrot, a little cabbage and a few oats into a mixer and make a paste.  After 20 minutes, wash your face with a little tepid water.  Doing this regularly will reduce the black spots on the face.

6. If people with pigmentation problems go out in the sun, wash the face and cut the keera into small pieces and rest on the face for 20 minutes.  

This results in better results.  Almonds should be well soaked and paste.  Add a little milk powder, a little honey, a few drops of lemon juice and some olive oil.  This mixture should be taken care of.  Stop & rinse for 30 minutes.  The black circles around the neck are beautiful.

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