SEVEN days vegetarian diet plan to boost your weight loss

SEVEN days vegetarian diet plan to boost your weight loss 
Plant-based diets have been linked with immense health benefits, such as a reduced risk of heart disease, diabetes, obesity, & certain cancers, etc. In fact, eating a plant-based diet not only lowers the risk of chronic conditions but also promotes weight loss and improves overall health. Fortunately, most Indian diets are rich in nutritious foods consisting of grains, spices, fresh herbs, lentils and fruits. In fact, the traditional Indian diet focuses on high intake of fruits.
But, due to the growing availability of processed foods, more and more Indians are suffering from obesity and obesity-related diseases, including heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. While overeating and not expending the energy can lead to weight gain, making unhealthy food choices is a leading cause of obesity. So, common sense tells us that eating a balanced diet is vital for maintaining an ideal weight. This article explains how fol…

Hyper tension or High Blood Pressure

Hypertension / Blood Pressure.Hyper tension or High Blood Pressure is the medical term used to describe Pressure of the blood in the arteries  is Elevated, Blood pressure is classified based on Systolic and the Diastolic ,where as Systolic is called as Pumping Pressure and  Diastolic is called as RestingPressure.
The Blood pressure is measured with the help Sphygmomanometer where the inflated cuff is wrapped around  arm, Cuff is then inflated until the artery is completely occluded. Listening with the stethoscope to brachial artery at the elbow & slowly releasing the pressure in the cuff.

   As the pressure in the cuffs falls THE “Whooshing” sound is heard when blood flow first starts again in the artery. The pressure at which this sound began is noted and recorded as the systolic blood pressure. The cuff pressure is further released until  sound can no longer be heard. This is recorded as the diastolic BLOOD PRESSURE

The result is recorded in the numbers as millimeters of mercury {m…

FIFTEEN 15 Health Benefits of Flax Seeds For Hair, Skin & Overall Health

FIFTEEN[15] Health Benefits of Flax Seeds For Hair, Skin & Overall HealthThe richest plant based sources of omega 3 fatty acids & flax seeds bring new levels of health &  beauty into your life.
Flax seeds are one of the man’s earliest cultivated ‘superfoods’, tracing from the history to 3000 BC in Babylon. There are tales of the King Charlemagne who made it compulsory for his subjects to consume flax SEEDS DAILY.

Some where between then &  now, the seed got pushed to the back shelf. It’s time to bring THE flax seeds benefits to back up front.

The seeds contains right amount of fibre, antioxidants & omega-3 fatty acids,  are excellent for your skin, hair & overall health.

FIFTEEN (15) Health Benefits of Flax Seeds For Hair, Skin & Overall Health
1.Prevents cancerAntioxidants contained in flax seeds work like a armour, protecting you from the  cancers of  breast, prostate & colon.
2.Improves DigestionThe high amounts of fibreaid  improving the absorption of nut…

Do this if your skin is darkened

Do this if your skin is darkenedSome people have darkened skin in different parts of the body.  This is especially evident in areas where sunny temperatures are most important. 
If you go into the sun the skin will burn.  Sun touches the blackened area.  Some people may have scars on the skin.  These type of problems are called pigmentation problems.

Due to hormonal Imbalance, thyroid dysfunction, & long-lasting use of certain types of pigmentation, these pigmentation problems are more frequent for those who regularly color their hair.  

They are more likely to be caused by the sun's ultraviolet light.  It is better to take precautionary measures than to take appropriate measures after these problems occur.  Identifying these problems early on will help solve the problem.
 TIP'S FOR SKIN:   1. Drink plenty of fresh water.  Drink fresh fruit juices and buttermilk. 2. Eat more of black grapes,pomegranate fruits & watermelon 3. Apply sun cream lotion to your face 30 minutes b…

Following these tips along with coconut oil will not cause wrinkles under the eye

Following these tips along with coconut oil will not cause wrinkles under the eyeWe cannot deny that aging symptoms first appear on the skin as well as on the eyes.  While it is not possible to invade aging, it is possible to deactivate aging for some time.  Wrinkles under the eye also fall under the aging feature.  Let us learn about some natural remedies to reduce this problem.
Some of the other factors, such as aging, poisoning, smoking, lifestyle and skin care, begin with the early science of aging.  Whatever the reason, Aging cannot be hidden.
 So, here we explain some homemade remedies.  They help reduce wrinkles under the eye.  Skin beauty can be preserved by preventing wrinkles under the eye.  And look at the Natural Remedies described here.
Coconut oil:

 Vitamin C along with antioxidants are available in coconut oil.  They help to reduce wrinkles under the eye.
Coconut Oil:
 1. Take a little coconut oil and massage it under the eye before going to sleep.

 2. Another method is to use…

Beetroot is good for beauty

Beetroot is good for beauty Guppadu Oatsni & beetroot pieces are made into a soft paste.  Spoon honey & a little lemon juice on the face & gently massage it with three. 
 Rinse with tears afterwards.  If you boil water for two minutes & evaporate to the face. the skin will be bright.Make a piece of beetroot into a fine paste and stir it well with a spoonful of lemon juice & egg white.  The mixture should be applied to the face and neck.  Rinse with lukewarm water.  Doing this often will make the skin tight & avoid wrinkles.Add a little honey to the beetroot juice and let it dry for 10 minutes.  If you write this before going to bed every night, the lips become soft.Beat root juice with a little increase, mix it with almond oil & spoonful powder & apply it on the head so that the hair grows healthy.  It also serves as a conditioneThose who think their hair is white & look good should use beetroot juice once a week instead of using chemical dyes and sto…

How to remove pores from the skin?

How to remove pores from the skin.?The skin pores are usually very small, which can be observed by microscopic examination. In a few, they are likely to grow larger.  Especially those with oily skin are more prone to these pores, which can cause problems such as pimples and blackheads.

Important note: there are no permanent treatments to remove these pores.  But some home remedies can reduce their size.

Apply two tablespoons of cucumber juice in one tablespoon of rose sapphire.
 Eggs: Take the white yolk in a pan and place it in the refrigerator for 5 minutes.  Then add a little lemon juice on the face.  Wash this mixture on your face for a few minutes. Doing this for a month can see changes in the size of the pores.  Those who have oily skin use this blend to not only make the pores shorter but also make the skin look sturdy&toned.

 Radish:Combine one tablespoon of vinegar, lemon juice, honey & two tablespoons of fresh radish juice in a bowl.  Mix this mixture in a glass…